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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are PRS shingles made?PRS shingles are manufactured by our US based partner/supplier The American Shingle Company, their Permalock shingle is one of the very first aluminum shingles conceived. The flashings, which give protection at roofing edges and slope transitions, are custom-made for your roof at the installation site. The whole system is carefully designed to cope with the worst the Québec climate has to offer: wind, snow and ice and severe temperature swings.

How long will a PRS roof last?An aluminum roof won’t rot and won’t rust. You can expect a shingle life of upwards of fifty years.

Does the PRS system work for any kind of roof?PRS is a home roofing specialist. Our system is applicable to pitched roofs only (pitch 3:12 or greater, that is about 15 degrees on up).

What warranty is available?PRS warranties its products for fifty years, and its installations for ten years. Should you decide to sell your home, both these warranties are transferable to the next owner, adding to your home’s value.

Can I walk on it?If it’s installed over the sheathing, i.e., you remove any existing asphalt covering, which PRS recommends, This way, the PRS aluminum shingles lie flat on the sheathing, which supports the weight. Just remember that aluminum can be slippery.

Will it make my house hotter?No, a PRS aluminum roof will help keep your home cooler in summer, as it reflects radiant heat. Other roofs can absorb radiant heat.

Will a metal roof attract lightning?No more than any other structure. The most important factor is whether the structure is the highest point in the area.

Can it be damaged by hail?PRS aluminum shingles lie right on top of the wood sheathing. Only if the hail is large enough (baseball size) and hits with enough force to damage the sheathing, then it may also damage the shingle.

Is it fireproof?PRS aluminum shingles do not support combustion.

Is it environmentally friendly?PRS shingles are made from aluminum, which is the most recyclable metal there is. And well after the fifty year warranty has expired, PRS shingles will still be recyclable. Some other roofing materials go straight into landfill. And with a PRS aluminum roof you save on your heating and air-conditioning bill.

Can it be installed over an existing roof?PRS shingle is light: the lightest there is. So it doesn’t greatly increase the load on the structure. It can be installed over an asphalt roof, though PRS Roofing usually recommends stripping the asphalt roof before installation. That way we can inspect your sheathing to ensure that it’s in perfect condition before we cover it.

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